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Misfits K9 Services is now run by Sandra Powell who has extensive knowledge about living with and working with dogs, as well as fostering and rehabilitating rescue dogs.

At the back of our minds whilst planning this business we kept the thought ‘how would we like our dogs looked after!’ if we were needing a daycare service.

If you have any queries about any of the services we provide or if you can enquire about something that you can not see, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Us?

Misfits K9 Services Doggy Day Care

When looking for a place to leave your furry buddies while at work or shopping, we know just how important it is to you that they are cared for by a friendly, experienced and understanding team of  dedicated people, who love dogs just as much as you do!

At Misfits K9 Services day care, we know how hard it can be to leave your friend, so we do everything possible to make their time here fun and enjoyable.
My name is Sandra and I am a behaviourist. I have managed Misfits K9 Services for two years and have worked with dogs for many more. I myself have had a large pack of seven to ten dogs for several years.
Thinking about coming to Misfits? Here are a few things about who we are and what we do:

The Day Care Centre

Misfits Day Care Centre consists of 3,000 sq. ft, each area carefully tailored to suit every dog’s needs. We have two indoor pens, one large; with an extended outdoor area and a smaller one, with a separate outdoor space.

The Large Pen

The large pen is the highlight of Misfits. Not only is there plenty of space to run around, but we also have a ball pool that can easily be accessed at all times by dogs of any shape or size. Most of our dogs come to us to enjoy the freedom of running free and jumping in and out of the ball pool with all their friends.
This area also has a giant swing dogs can play and snooze on. We even have a mini-gym for particularly active dogs. The outside area is mostly covered with artificial grass, there are boxes to jump on and off and play hide and seek. We provide a variety of toys for them to play with, does your buddy love tennis balls or chew toys? Perhaps a paddling pool is their favourite place to play. Whatever they like, we have it all at Misfits!

The Smaller Pen

Our smaller indoor pen is for those who may be a little nervous around the bigger dogs. During the
session, your pets will have regular access to the separate outside exercise pen. The outdoor area again
is covered with artificial grass with a slide and pool and is laid out on different levels to run and jump on
and off as they play.

The Rest Area

For when your pet is feeling tuckered out, we have a Sleep Room with different types and sizes of crates for them to nap in. There is also a sofa and a bed if they prefer a home environment. This room is comfortably heated to the perfect temperature for snoozing pooches with a little ambience to make them feel right at home.
We also use this room for feeding and rest. We have a rule that once dogs have had their lunch they take one hour of rest before re-joining their friends in the other pens.
We have a couple of isolation pens if required.

Rules of Entry

Thinking of coming along? There will be a few things we will need to go through before getting you and your dog signed up for sessions:

Firstly, we invite you along with your dog for an assessment.
This allows you and your dog to explore the facilities and for us to see how your dog will fit into our environment. This will help us to understand any needs you or your pet may have.
The assessment can help you to decide if the day care full or part time is the way to go, or it may be a case of our behaviourist services or the stay ‘n’ play is more for you.
The dogs do not have to necessarily be neutered, this will depend totally on how your dog behaves. Some intact males are quite often happy to be in the company of both sexes, and it causes no problems.
Intact females cannot be brought into the centre during their entire season.
All dogs must have their usual vaccinations.
How long you have owned your dog makes no difference to us, all sizes, large or small, are all welcome to come for an assessment.
My staff and I do everything possible to cater for your everyday needs, and for you to feel confident that we are the place to be.

Stay n Play

We have two types of Stay n play at Misfits. There is a reactive Stay n Play and a non-reactive Stay n Play.


This Stay n Play is for non-reactive dogs and their owners to come and play indoors or outdoors. The dogs will need to be assessed, but don’t worry, it is the same process as our regular assessment. This play is normally with other owners and their dogs where you can all play together, have a chat and a
laugh, even have a tea or coffee if you wish.


This Stay n Play is run on 30-minute slots being booked 24 hours in advance. The dogs will be assessed and allowed to play in a separate pen to the other dogs. Depending on the level of reactivity it may be possible to get the dog to integrate with the other dogs in the non-reactive Stay ‘n’ Play or even the day
care depending on your dog and your wishes.

Interested in what we have to offer? Give us a call and we’ll arrange an appointment to come along and meet us, have a look at our facilities and meet the other dogs. If you have any inquiries, visit our website or Facebook page at any time and ask us a question. Or call us on our telephone number 07732333236 during opening hours and we’ll be sure to answer any queries
you may have.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon at Misfits!


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